Conklin Petitions

A Selection of Conklin Related Petitions

Data as 8/7/2016

This is just a sampling.  A much larger collection of petitions related to Conklin and many other Colored and White schools in Loudoun are to be found in the Edwin Washington Archives.

Loudoun County has a long tradition of considering petitions from citizens, especially in the school system.    One of those is an undated document asking to retain Conklin resident LeRoy Allen as a school bus driver.  “To whom it may concern – we would like very much to have our former bus driver back on the next school term, in the person of Leroy Allen.  We always feel that our children were safe and in good hands.”



2) Another undated petition listed children attending Conklin and how far they were from school in some cases.  This one was likely written around 1935.  That suggestion comes from a note on the document listed Ottoman Harris age 15.  Ottoman was born about 1920, though the exact date is uncertain.  PetitionConklin1935.  Source:  Colored Petitions, LCPS Archives.

3)   1935.   Parents complain about the performance of a teacher 1935 Teacher Complaint.

4)  1952:  April 8.  Parents complain about the performance of a teacher.  1952 Teacher Complaint