Abraham Lincoln Hutton, Jr.

Mr. Hutton fits on this website because he instructed at McGraw’s Ridge in Conklin; but his history goes well beyond that.

A.L. Hutton

A.L. Hutton

Mr. Hutton was born May 12, 1911, was 5’10” and a slight man of only 145 pounds.  He was educated at Fisherville High School, graduating in 1930, then 2 years at Eastern Mennonite School. He also studied at Bridgewater College and summers at the Univeristy of Virginia, graduating from Madison in 1946 with a B.S., with credits in English and Literature, Social Studies, Math, Science, French, Art, Music, Physical Education, Agriculture, Methods in Reading Literature, Directed High School Teaching, Principals in Education, School Hygiene, Foundations of Education.  Hutton was also known as a singer with athletic coaching ability in basketball and baseball.

His career before retiring in 1973 was as follows:

1931/32 and 1933/34,   McGraw’s Ridge, Grades 1-7.

1934/35,  Pleasant Valley and Hillsboro, Grades 1-7.

1935/36 – 1939/40,  Hillsboro, Principal and grades 6 and 7.

1940/41 – 1942/43,  Purcellville (may have been Principal, plus taught 7th grade).

1943/44- 1953/54, Leesburg and Aldie, Agriculture  By 1946, Hutton was also certified at the College Professor level.

1954/55- 1961/62,  Loudoun County High School, Agriculture

1962/63-1971/72,   Loudoun Valley High School. Agriculture.  Also did General Mechanics in 1966/67-1967/68 and in 1972/73 onwards Vocational Ag.