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Doing research in northern Somaliland.

Doing research in northern Somaliland.

Note:  Mr. Roeder has primarily worked as a diplomat and crisis manager, doing direct negotiations with rebels on humanitarian issues, with the UN and other international organizations on trade and humanitarian issues and using information science and telecommunications technology to advance humanitarianism.  In parallel, he also conducted local history projects in the United States and abroad, including a study of the Bedouin Tribes of the Sinai for the Multinational Forces and Observers (MFO), which is now being expanded into a textbook on the tribes.

Mr. Roeder is a trained portrait artist and potter  and has written over a hundred articles and several text books on economics and foreign affairs, including two on the application of diplomacy in the non-profit world.  He also served in the US Army, the US Department of State, Springer Science+Business Media and in non-profits.  He also received his History Degree with Honors from Culver-Stockton College.   In addition, his MS was received from the Catholic University of America.   He has extensive background in the application of information management to foreign affairs, emergency management and economic development.  In addition, he has served in many political positions, including as Vice Chair of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.

Mr. Roeder a member of the ADAMS Center in Sterling Virginia and is the Chair for Research on the Black History Committee, Friends of the Balch Library, Leesburg, Va.  See also the Pre-Integration Project.  Mr. Roeder is also the CEO of Diversity Fairs of Virginia, a non-profit corporation that advances the value of diversity in modern society.   In addition, he works at the Catholic University of America, Department of Library/Information Science managing a project on accreditation.




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