Vol 4: Christine Allen and Armstrong High School

ArmstrongChristine Allen was a descendant of one of the core families of Conklin which migrated to Loudoun with Hampton Brewer as freed African-Americans before the Civil War. She became a Secretary at the Prosperity Baptist Church as well as an instructor at the Conklin Colored School. In addition, she studied at Armstrong Technical High School in Washington, DC from about 1927 to 1929.

Christine is introduced in Christine Allen’s Education Study which shows what Allen studied at Armstrong and her many experiments in Chemistry, as well as her essays and a book of autographs of her fellow students at Armstrong, some of whom became instructors at other schools. forwebste



2 Responses to Vol 4: Christine Allen and Armstrong High School

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  2. A number of important African-Americans graduated from Armstrong, like James H. Raby, who eventually gained his law degree from Howard and would win a civil right case before the Virginia Supreme Court. He represented many African-American families in Loudoun against LCPS fur the Emerick period.

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