Vol 5: Cardinal Ridge (Grant Perkins Farm)

One of the farm structures.The  Cardinal Ridge Study deals with the history of the site of the Cardinal Ridge Elementary School in the unincorporated village of Conklin, Loudoun County, Virginia.

The property, now owned by Loudoun County, was previously owned in 2011 by Mrs. Laverne R. Grant and CT Perkins, el Al.  Some of the school property also  lies on Hampton Brewer’s land, so it worthwhile noting its history. This property would eventually end up in the hands of the Allen, Gant and Payne families (called the Brewer Group). That original property of 133 acres and 22 poles was obtained from Alexander S. Grigsby in 1859, who obtained it from Elizabeth Fox and others in 1813 (Commissioner of Revenue, 1859). Unfortunately, in those days descriptions of land were often informal by modern standards, with measurements from tree stumps and rocks. One part of the land was bounded by a spring described in a survey of John Coffer of 1787; but we haven’t have not found the survey in county archives. One bit was purchased by William Allen in 1883 (perhaps earlier) and held as estate property as late as 1965, when inquiries on the land were referred to Christine (Allen) Norris of Chantilly.

In late 2013, a neighbor in Conklin introduced Larry Roeder to a lost farm inside trees on the land. He then did a photo survey, which is the last such inspection done before the entire property was razed in order to build Cardinal Ridge.  Many of us connected with the property were very distressed that the white chimney was destroyed.  It would have made a wonderful educational piece for the children of the new school.

See:  Commissioner of Revenue. (1859). Deed Book for Loudoun County, Virginia ST285. Leesburg: Loudoun County (archives of the Circuit Court of Loudoun).



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