Archival News

class is at Tuskegee University

class is at Tuskegee University

  • Dec 2017.   Administratively merged with the Edwin Washington Project.
  • Dec 2016, Updated most pages.
  • January and Feb, 2016.   We have discovered a lot of new information on Conklin and the “colored” school and will posted post.
  • Feb 3/2016.  Amended McGraw’s Ridge.  Added info on Abraham Lincoln Hutton.
  • 5/18/2016  Amended Conklin colored School.
  • 5/2/2016.  Amended McGraw’s Ridge.
  • 10/1/2015.   Additional information on family of Charles Dean in Volume One and Volume Two (Conklin colored School)9/25/2015.  Significant changes to Conklin Colored School and Prosperity Baptist Church sections.
  • 7/10/2015.   Redrafting report on John Franklin Ryan in Volume 2, the Conklin Colored School
  • 7/2/2015   Updated the Cemetery Tour
  • 6/23/2015   Updated the 1924 discussion of the Conklin Colored School.

12/28/2014:  All volumes were rewritten and reorganized in December, 2014.   The volumes are now going through a peer review which will take a couple of months.  Expect more changes then.

2/5/2015.  Updated Cemetery Tour Section and Volume 5 on the Cardinal Ridge Property.

11/6/2014.  Amended Volume 5, which covers the Conklin Colored School.  Amended Volume 6, McGraw’s Ridge White School

10/30/2014:  Amended Catalog of Essential Sources.

10/5/2014:  Began to add lists of all instructors in Loudoun from 1893 to 1953.

10/03/2014.   Added List of all “Colored Schools” in Loudoun with plea for information from private files of readers.

9/28/2014.   Updated Volume One , Five and Eight.  I have a huge amount of data still to input, as well as analyze.  Just keeps coming in.  Please let me know if you know any0ne with knowledge of Conklin Village.

9/22/2014.   Updated Volume One, Conklin Colored School as well as Volume Six, McGraw’s Ridge, with unpublished photographs of McGraw’s, courtesy of the Hutton family of Purcellville, Loudoun County. Uploaded draft catalog of original sources.

8/3/2014:  Returned from a week in Richmond doing research at the Library of Virginia.  I plan to spend the next month copy editing the volumes and adding the new research.

7/25/2014   New Church Sign set up at Prosperity Baptist Church in Conklin.

Randy Ihara and Larry Roeder helped design and pay for the sign, which was set up the morning of July 25, 2014.Prosperity Baptist Church



7/14/2014   Volume five contains new information on books used in the Loudoun public school system in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

7/11/2014:  Edits were made to all volumes.  Last week in July, I will be in Richmond doing research on Conklin Village in the Library of Virginia.

6/15/2014:    Edits were made to Volume 6’s home page.  6/13/2014.   All of the volumes, except 2, 3 and 4 received new information, mainly focused on aspects of education.  Volume 6 should be completed by September at the latest.  As a result, the index in Vol 7 is slightly out of date and will need to revised in September.  See also changes to Maps.

Initial research on Conklin begun at the behest of the Prosperity Baptist Church in 2012 at the request of the Prosperity Baptist Church; but the roots for the research began in 2010 during the campaign for County supervisor by Larry Roeder when he championed the re-naming of the Dulles District to the Dean District..


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