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The Conklin Village Project

Edited:   6/3/2017

This blog introduces the Conklin Village Project, a history developed by Larry Roeder at the request of the Prosperity Baptist Church in Conklin Village, Loudoun County (an historic African-American Church started by Jennie Dean), and in cooperation with the Black History Committee of the Balch Library, Leesburg, Virginia.  Ms. Dean is the first African-American woman (that we are aware of) who started a church in Loudoun.  It will be interesting as a project to find others, as well as formal pastors.

The project is a partner effort with the Edwin Washington Project, which tracks the impact and history of segregated education in Loudoun from 1865 to 1968.

The history on this website honors the pioneers of the Conklin area of Loudoun County, their descendants and the many generations of members of Prosperity, especially African-Americans, as they inspired the research.  Special attention has been given to the education of African-Americans; but also the white population that lived in Conklin and studied at the McGraw’s Ridge School on Gum Spring Road


Former Conklin Student Jimmy Dean provides a video interview.


Former instructor Abraham Lincoln Hutton, Jr. at McGraw’s Ridge.

Readers of the blog are invited to offer suggestions and corrections before the final edits are produced.



Note from Undaunted Faith from 1891 reflecting

On Ms Dean’s building the Chapel in Conklin.

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